How to use Twitter to Generate B2B Leads      

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Blog

Twitter has an average of 186 million monetizable active daily users as of Q2 2020

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in marketing. Your B2B company can take advantage of the opportunities by simply understanding how to communicate with potential clients using the platform.

Key Twitter facts & figures

  • Every second there are about 6,000 tweets sent, or more than 350,000 tweets per minute, or 500 million tweets per day, or 200 billion tweets per year.
  • The US, Japan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Brazil have the highest number of twitter users.
  • Over 67% of US companies use Twitter for marketing.

Twitter and lead generation

When used to its full potential, Twitter can be a powerful and highly effective lead generation tool for B2B companies. It can open new networking opportunities with direct channels of communication that are instant.

However, the platform takes time to manage. You need to be certain that you have the resources to commit to updating and responding to your twitter account.

Twitter is not a direct sales tool. It is about building relationships, having conversations, and connecting with clients.

Using Twitter to promote your brand and make direct connections to generate leads requires a strategy. It isn’t just about sending tweets, it’s about making the most of the platform to generate leads.

The best B2B marketing strategies promote the values of the company and communicate the unique sales proposition of the business.

To do that, you need to communicate with the who, what, why, when, where, and how of your business, which answers potential customer pain points.

Where to Begin

After creating your business account, check if any of your existing clients use the platform. This can be automated by transferring your contact information to the platform. Just be sure that you only share a contact list that has no sensitive information, such as personal phone numbers or home addresses of clients or employees.

Next, find influencers, industry leaders, and journalists to follow. These people help to lend credibility to your business and increase your exposure.

Start Tweeting 

To use Twitter effectively, you need to be engaging and entertaining. It is less about pitching and more about sharing. Your voice needs to be authentic and consistent with your brand.

Your followers should get a feel for your brand personality, how you communicate, and what it would be like to work with you. If you can engage people with fun or interesting stories, they are more likely to want to know more about your business. If you simply pitch your products, people are less likely to want to engage with your brand.

As well as developing a strategy for your daily use of Twitter, you need to develop lead generation campaigns that have unique and value-adding content, as well as links to your website and other advertising.


  • Twitter takes time. You need followers and content for your audience to grow and leads to generate.
  • Your Twitter biography is really important, so spend time getting it right. How you describe yourself will influence potential B2B leads.
  • Choose your images carefully, including your thumbnail picture, as it will be seen with every tweet you send. And remember that tweets with pictures achieve much higher engagement.
  • Direct your Twitter traffic to a specific landing page on your website, one that lets the user know they have transitioned from Twitter to your website using a specific CTA to learn more about your company.
  • Your tweets need to be authentic and conversational.

Appoint a Twitter manager for your brand

Your Twitter account is an important part of your brand. It must conform to your brand identity. For that reason, you need an account manager who is adept at communicating in your brand voice, following your style guide, and ensuring consistency.

It is important to your Twitter account manager:

  • Understand the brand and company processes.
  • Be a strong communicator, who knows how to engage with prospects, clients, and influencers.
  • Pays attention to detail such as spelling, links, and images.
  • Be trusted, responsible, and able to act on their own initiative.

Choosing a marketeer to take on the responsibility is usually better than outsourcing, as you will have more control of the outcomes and any sensitive information can be discussed in the company.

Your Twitter account manager needs to have the power to be able to solve any issues straightaway. They need to know and understand company procedures, as well as who needs to be contacted about which issues.

Find followers

Reaching out to people on Twitter is as easy as sharing high-quality content, following others, and searching for twitter users who align with your business and can boost your organic following.

  • Tweet sharable content
  • Follow people with aligned interests
  • See who others are following
  • Search for keywords and check bios

When to tweet 

According to Social Media Week, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday are the best days for posting and around 3-5 tweets per day is the magic number (excluding responses and conversations).