Understanding EU Licensing, Laws and Regulations for Industries

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Blog


The EU has passed many directives that are intended to improve consistency, standards and opportunities for all its members. Many of the policies and directives are complex, long documents that can be difficult to dissect and digest. However, in the interests of supporting industry and workers, the EU has created summaries that use general, non-specialist terminology to communicate the key details.


In regards to creating a single digital market, the EU has developed rules to:

  • end unjustified geoblocking in the bloc
  • has made parcel delivery more affordable
  • improve access to audiovisual services

These directives are intended to break down barriers for online consumers. As eCommerce businesses, there is an onus on business operators to make the appropriate changes. While such changes can be seen as a burden, business operators who work with the directives and implement change will often see a seamless transition that bolsters business opportunities.