Improve Your B2B Productivity with Automation

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Blog

Many B2B operations start small, then boom suddenly without the workforce or technology to support growth. B2B leaders can feel overwhelmed with the many minor tasks that can easily be automated. So who do you know when is the right time to improve your scalability with automation? By using a B2B productivity consultant. Such people are expert at auditing your business practices and understanding how you can improve productivity and which tools will benefit you most.

Auto Email

Striking a balance between automated and manual operations can be hard. Some tasks are better performed by humans, and some are better handled by technology. You can create time to focus on your manual tasks by introducing automation to areas of your business, such as first-contact enquiry response, scheduling of routine tasks and social media postings.

For example, you can use an email template with simple flow structures in place that will direct the email and respond accordingly.

Simple automation of first-contact response can help you save time and resources by sorting real enquiry from time wasters. Auto responses and template emails are a great way to ensure that your responses are consistent and improve your overall productivity.

Software Setup

One of the biggest hassles with introducing new software is the downtime it takes to import your contacts, and the recreation of automated functions, email templates and opt-in forms. This can be made easier with the right software. You can have all of your daily automated functions stored and then transferred to your new platform so that you do not have to face doing the task manually, which could cost you weeks of manual labour.

Specific software that aids integration should also be able to help you sort and aggregate data and work with your dashboard to ensure that you don’t lose any important data during transfer.


The ultimate goal is to release your time to focus on high-level detail or creative projects that cannot be performed automatically. When you integrate automation software that takes control of basic daily tasks, you allow yourself time to develop the areas of your business that drive research and development, secure leads and ultimately grow your business.


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