Effective B2B Sales Techniques

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B2B sales often involve deep research, work with multiple clients from the same company, and a long sales cycle. Complex transactions can take months to come to fruition. During that time, establishing trust and building relationships with clients is vital to closing a deal.

To transform your B2B sales performance, implement the following tips.

Do Your Research

Before approaching a potential client, know what value your business is offering. Reaching out means knowing that you have the answer that the client needs.

Knowing how your product or service compares with an existing solution and why it is of value to your potential client means that you will not waste your time or the time of your potential client.

Understand the values of your potential client. Read their website, their blogs and other content. Understand the company structure. Knowing who the decision-makers are will help you formulate your pitch.

Make it Personal 

When you cold call, make sure you know who you are calling, who you want to speak to and why you want to speak with this client.

Most companies have a ‘gatekeeper’. To get your pitch across to the right person, you need to know why your product is of value to your potential client. When you reach the right person, be sure to listen to their responses. Your goal is to establish a working relationship. If your client feels heard, respected and understood, they are likely to want to further the discussion.

If you choose to reach out in an email, make it personal. This contact should be a direct invitation to a discussion, not a marketing pitch.

Have a Conversation

Once the door has been opened, take the time to listen to what your client wants. Offer solutions based on their response to your questions.

Sometimes difficult conversations happen. Being diplomatic and answering as truthfully as possible will help you develop a lasting relationship with your client.

Let your prospective client know about your success. If you have clients that have given testimony or are happy to have you share a case study, share these stories so your potential client can see your business in action.


Develop your relationship and focus on longevity. B2B relationships differ from other connections. You need to focus on making your client happy, not closing. Take time to understand the expectations of your client and to be certain that you can deliver on their criteria before committing.

B2B clients are recurring clients. When you close, you are establishing an ongoing partnership. Be certain that your client is comfortable with your products or services, and that you can deliver on any commitments you have made. The business world is smaller than you think, and over-promising and under-delivering will proceed your business and can destroy your reputation.

Your Product

As a salesperson, you need to be an expert. Knowing every detail of your product is vital to your presentation. You are working with other professionals, many of whom might also know about your field of expertise.

Your focus should not be the cost of your product, but the value. Reenforce for your client their ROI. Your product should offer benefits such as time management or resource planning that are intangible. If you lead with the value of the product over the price point, your clients will be focused on solutions.

Your solution is what you need to focus on as your product. It is likely that your product is not unique. It is likely that your potential client already has a provider for the product you are offering. Presenting your product as a solution is more likely to grab attention and generate leads.

Follow Up

Creating leads is about more than making contact. You need to establish relationships. Follow up with your clients. Offer the best customer service care you have. Depending on the nature of your product, giving decision making clients your direct business contact phone number could be beneficial.

Calling, emailing and booking meetings are important steps to securing your sale. Decisionmakers expect to have these interactions, that is their job, so be certain to reach out.

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