Should Your Office Offer Coworking Space?

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Blog

Office sharing, or co-sharing, has been a popular trend for some years now. The practice offers benefits to freelance workers and remote staff, but how can it work in your office space?

Having a large empty office is expensive. Lighting and temperature control in an open space designed for 100 people with only 10 people floating about is a waste of money and resources. However, it is the impact that it has on your staff that is also troubling.

If you have ever worked in a busy office that is buzzing with activity and the gentle hum of people working, it can be an uplifting environment that inspires creativity, cooperation and productivity. There are always people who prefer to work in a quiet space, and that can be accommodated, but for those who enjoy interacting with other busy minds, an office filled with life is an exciting place to get to every day.

People who choose to work from a remote desk are looking for simple facilities. A desk with wifi access, printer and scanner, kitchen, clean bathrooms and a friendly atmosphere. Professionals go to work to get work done, but it doesn’t mean people don’t want to chat while making a cup of tea. A co-sharing environment can be a place for remote workers to engage with other people while they are on the road. It can be a comfort for those who work alone but who prefer the company of others.

If you are considering opening your office to professionals wanting to rent a desk on a regular basis, you might like to consider the following points:


  • Is your work too sensitive to have people outside the company in a shared space?
  • Are your team comfortable having non-employees in the office?
  • Do you have the space to make your environment welcoming with access to the best technical equipment, ergonomically designed furniture and quiet spaces?
  • Can you afford a manager to handle the co-sharing set-up, advertising, distribution, rental contracts and confidentiality requirements?
  • Would the practice add value to your business, giving your office a breath of life and inject a new source of cash flow?


There are many elements to consider before opening your office space to desk rental. However, if your business has the space for expansion but you are not yet looking to expand, it can be a way to ensure that your budget stays on track. If your employees need a boost, the vibrancy of inviting new people into the office space could motivate them. If your business is not overly sensitive and there is no risk involved in others hearing or seeing your business transactions, it is a way to fill dead space.

Desk rental is still a thing. Depending on the location of your office space, you might need to offer something really special to entice people to choose your location over the corner coffee shop. People usually choose co-sharing options because they are remote workers who do not enjoy working from home and desire the comfort of human interaction and the buzz of activity to motivate them. Offer your space could be the answer to the longevity of your business.

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