The Best Social Media for B2B Expansion

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Blog

What social media channels do you use to network? According to Statista, the no.1 social network is Facebook, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp.

While that might not be surprising, what is important about these statistics is the number of users on platforms that are not common in the Western market.

QQ is a Chinese platform, meaning that if it is not part of your B2B expansion, you could exclude it from your strategy. However, if you do intend to use it, be certain that you know what is acceptable and keep your marketing professional.

Tic Tok, or Douyin in China, is a vertical video platform that allows users to post 15 second clips, usually of creative expression with music or dance. It is used primarily by an audience under 25. If you are using it for a B2B strategy and your potential clients are under 25, influencer marketing might be a strategy to consider on this relatively new platform.

WhatsApp allows users to create a group chat. For B2B this can help you connect with clients directly. Some of the tools on the app are similar to those on other social media channels, such as surveys, lists, brochure and image publications, and the ability to connect directly with clients.

Douban is another Chinese social media platform that gives B2Bs a way to generate leads, connect with clients and market their business.

When you choose to include social media channels that are primarily offered in a language that is not your native language, it is also wise to have a native speaker either translate or manage the accounts. Knowing the regulations about what can be posted in different regions is important, so if you choose to market on platforms in regions where you might not be familiar with the regulations, having an agent or agency to support your strategy to expand in that region can help.

It is possible to expand beyond the most common social media platforms and promote your B2B in a global market, it just takes the right support.

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