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Most bloggers are not professional writers. Most blogs are about people’s personal experience and read more like a journal entry than an informed and informative piece of writing. While this might suit some businesses, it is important to consider what your business needs.

You will read time and again that high-quality content is the key to online marketing. While this is true, do you know what high-quality content is in the context of your industry? The following are some points that you need to consider before posting on your site.

  1. Voice

What is your brand? Do you have a professional voice that speaks with authority, or do you have a casual style that speaks with your audience in a relaxed manner? It is important that you answer this question then maintain consistency.

A persuasive style of writing does not mean cold. Rather, it means well-researched content that has been written by a professional who understands writing method – or at the very least grammar and how to use spell check.

Nothing will deter your audience faster than errors in copy that have occurred because of poor editing. It happens in the most circulated newspapers in the world, however, mistakes should be few and far between.

A descriptive style does not mean a rambling story about a holiday in Thailand – it means using a first-person narrative style of writing.

It is always worth investing in qualified and experienced writers to produce your high-quality content, rather than a person with access to a keyboard and a word doc.

  1. Subject

To create high-quality content on a consistent basis, you need a marketing strategy. As part of this overall plan, your editorial calendar should include topics for each week or month or other time frames that suit your campaign. However, this also needs to remain somewhat flexible. While plans can be made to release content that is relevant to an industry event, such as a budget release or internationally recognised ‘day’, it is also important that your content can be pulled or adapted in accordance with international events.

If you are the head of a shipping company and there is an oil spill reported, you might need to adjust your content. Having subjects that allow you to be fluid and responsive across all marketing platforms is vital to the success of your strategy.

Evergreen content will allow your business to post relevant blogs in times of industry stress.

  1. Format

Knowing how to structure prose is a skill. Having a blog that follows a consistent style means that your audience knows what to expect. Much like a newspaper or magazine, the structure of your blog should be understood by your audience on an intuitive level. Your audience should know what to expect from your blog because your writer or writers follow a style guide, making your content easy to access.

Whether your writer uses an inverted pyramid style, anecdotal lead or even stream of consciousness style of writing is all part of your business image.

Narrative inverted pyramid style has dominated in blogging, however, a descriptive style or persuasive style might be more suited to your business needs. The differences are subtle and need to be considered to create a seamless marketing campaign.

Blog Style for Your Online Business

High-quality content doesn’t just happen, it is considered writing that takes time and planning to achieve. Your blog should be a deeper insight into your business. It is a way to allow your customers or clients to connect with your business and have an insight into the ethos of your business. Your blog content will tell people more about your business and operations than your website. It is vital that you consider what each blog says about your business.

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