The C2C Market Explosion

by | May 2, 2019 | News Source

The quiet explosion of C2Cs is one of the most successful platforms in the current climate, with people clamouring to support businesses that they believe are moving around an intermediary.

The Internet has created a space for people to connect and buy and sell in a way that disrupts traditional business unlike what we have experienced before. And while regulators struggle to keep pace with the sharing economy, consumers are supporting the platforms that give then access to products and services at lower prices.

The platform providers are not missing out. They make their money by charging fees in various ways, however, it seems that sellers don’t mind paying these fees because the market is growing. Some providers will allow a seller to post an item for sale without charge, then take a percentage of the sale, while others will charge advertising fees with the promise to ‘boost’ your post or posts. These fees are relatively small, but when you consider that a platform might host millions of sellers that each pay a feel of, for example, US$5 per week to access the service, then the host is likely making healthy profits.

However, with EBay, Facebook, AirBnB, Uber and other platforms filling the C2C marketing place and shaping the sharing economy, is there any room left for new C2Cs?

“While you might think the opportunity for creating a new C2C platform is low, due to the massive platforms already created, there will always be ‘niche’ opportunities within very large markets or industries,” says Bernhard Schroeder for Forbes. (Entrepreneurs, Forget B2C and B2B. Build a C2C Ecommerce Platform And Disrupt Or Grow An Industry.)

Schroeder suggests that if you are really interested in launching a C2C, you need to get creative. Think about some of the markets that aren’t being served. The sharing economy is about that; sharing. In a world where we are more connected than ever before, we also have the opportunity to connect in person with those that we otherwise might never have discovered. The rise of C2Cs is continuing, and tilting your view could help you discover a way into this lucrative new marketplace.

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