How to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Blog

Reaching your customers online requires more than just a social media page and an email blast. You need to network, maintain relationships and seek out customers. Achieving this is not complicated, but it does require the right tools and strategy to accomplish your goal.

The following proven strategies will help you develop a plan that will yield results.

Be Creative

Consider inviting other businesses to join you. There are many ways to partner with businesses online that could benefit you both in reaching a broader audience. Franchise opportunities, co-sponsoring an event or charity, distribution channel partnerships – the limit to how you can work with other businesses in a close and connected way is limited only by your imagination, and your sales pitch.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate marketing is a powerful and easy tool. It allows you and other businesses to align yourselves with the best in your industry. While there is a small financial incentive offered to sweeten the deal, the major benefit of affiliate marketing is the opportunity to expand your reputation and align your brand with other exceptional businesses.

Couple Up

Partnering with another business can seem like a complex process, but it can be worth the long term rewards for you and the other business. Partnerships strengthen not only your returns, when carefully considered, but can also strengthen your brand and reputation, Partnerships need not be long term. You can consider working together on a short term project offering discounts our vouchers when spending on the other’s site. This can boost sales, as well as customer loyalty, brand recognition and reputation. Best of all, it can create an association between your two businesses for customers and increase site traffic and conversions based on existing loyalty.

Access Your Data

Your website and social media have essential data that should be used to form the basis of your marketing strategy. This data can inform you of who is visiting your site, how often, what they are looking at, how long they are spending on your page, where they are geographically located and more. This data can help lead your audience targeting and uncover new clients. A smart dashboard developed by your payments provider can prove to be the tool that unlocks the door to new opportunities.

Talk About It

One of the most neglected areas of B2B relations is a human connection. While we are all busy and it is easier to just send a message or flick an email, don’t underestimate the importance of developing relationships with other businesses in the flesh. Meet people for coffee, take a lunch break to discuss options, or organise a Skype meeting. We like to know who we are doing business with, it’s human curiosity. The better you develop a real working relationship, the better the trust developed between you and your associate; it amazing the things that people will discuss in person that would never happen online.

Developing a B2B business marketing plan is essential for all online merchants, even those who focus on B2C transactions. You, as an eCommerce merchant, must have dealings with other businesses, and in the competitive online climate, it is to the benefit of your bottom line to consider what approach your business will use to reach your B2B partners.

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