Has FinTech Changed Business?

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Has FinTech Changed Business?

Better customer service, secure and fast payments, and improved data collection – the benefits of FinTech can’t be underestimated. The major beneficiaries of these advances are the banking and insurance sectors. Technology and how people interact with technology, has helped to shape the development of FinTech, making it a unique industry.

Customer First

Fintech has been able to provide businesses with accurate data that can be used to shape a better customer experience. AI developments mean that real-time exchanges are satisfying the needs of more customers and chatbot services are clearing backlogs faster than many one-on-one services can because of the nature of common issues. Technology is shifting according to the demands of customers in FinTech. The data and requests that customers make are shaping the future of AI-learning and improving services and streamlining.


The customer has been the driving force behind banking and payments. People have demanded payments convenience at every development, from the introduction of Internet banking to mobile payments, the industry has been developing according to the needs of people making payments. A globalised economy has pushed the need for more secure services, and FinTech has been developed to ensure that multiple layers of security can protect users.

Big Data

Businesses have always relied on data to establish goals, from marketing to revenue forecasting, data is one of the most valuable assets a business has. FinTech, as well as other forms of technology, has made the collation and understanding of this big data easier. Rather than relying on reports annually from competitors, businesses can now access more information when they need it and from a larger variety of sources. This development in technology means that savvy businesses can better prepare for foreseeable industry downturns and maximise profitability.

FinTech is shaping our banking and insurance sector futures faster than other online sectors, however, the technology should not be ignored by any sector.

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