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While employing the standard digital marketing techniques and adapting them for improved technological advances is important, to excel as a marketer you must be ready to introduce new strategies that will place your campaign in front of the target audience and bring value to your campaign.

In 2019, marketers at the cutting edge of digital marketing campaigns are introducing the following four methods to achieve success for their clients.

A Valuable Customer Experience

We all have a favourite store to shop in. For some it is a favourite supermarket because of its ease of layout, for others, it is a boutique clothing store because it offers a sanctuary.

These stores offer more than just shopping, they offer an experience.

This idea is becoming increasingly important online too. UX isn’t just about having a fast website or intuitive design, it must speak to its audience to capture attention.

To determine if a site is offering its traffic the best experience, more in-depth metrics are being mined. Measuring average time spent on a site, average scroll depth, bounce rate and time between visits are essential to helping marketers improve customer experience.

To improve these rates, it is important that a site is:

  • Designed for purpose
  • Fast and engaging
  • Entertaining and inspiring
  • High quality and regularly updated

A site that is ignored by its creator is likely to be ignored by an audience. Fresh and engaging content is a must, as is speed and access.

A Visual Experience

Visual content is appealing. Creating video content for your client is fast and cost-effective and can lead to other opportunities to engage with an audience.

Influencer marketing is fast becoming one of the most important assets a business can have. Youtube, Twitch and Instagram offer easy access for customers and business to engage.

AI now has the ability to transcribe audio, which makes video searchable and can provide valuable user metrics to show how a video is performing.

Video also gives people the chance to see a product in use, which can influence a person’s decision to make a purchase. This can be very effective for a new product for service, or for showing a product in a variety of ways that still images cannot.

  • A video is cost-effective and can drive traffic toward a site
  • AI can make video search easy for customers
  • Video content can be used on more than one platform

Video content does have a shorter shelf life than written content, however, when used in conjunction with seasonal promotions or product launches it can add value to your campaign.

A Good Vocal Range

Internet users are gravitating toward voice search as the main option for Google search. If you want campaign success, it is important that you design your content with this in mind. Using quality content that will be picked up by Google assistant, Suri, or any other voice-command assistant is imperative.

Providing questions and answers correctly formatted on a site will lead to higher search rates and place your site in the top rankings. If you want your campaign to shine, adding simple features to your site will help.

  • Provide Q&A on the site so assistants pick it up in searches
  • Write quality content that is short and sharp
  • Use conversational tone when writing to increase search rates

Test your work by searching for the site you are working on using voice assist. Write in the style in which you speak. Once you have adapted to this method, it can remain as a staple of your campaign. While it might take some time to get right, once it is done you won’t have to do it again for some time.

An Appreciation of the Future

Visual searches are predicted to become the next ‘big’ thing in marketing.

While an image search uses the text as the query, a visual search uses an image as the query. People can use their smartphone camera, or a photo, to search for a product. A well-designed campaign means that links to your client’s site and the person can ‘click to buy.’

It is predicted that this technology will change the way people shop and buy. From taking a photo of a pair of shoes and being linked to an online store to buy them to uploading an image of a scenic view and booking a holiday to that destination, visual searches are likely to change the way people interact with their devices and online services.

To get in on this you need to create:

  • Lots of beautiful images of the product/s on offer
  • A large volume of metadata
  • A great mobile site

Metadata is crucial for a visual search to help search engines find the images. Tagging specific images is essential to ensure an image ranks high in search results.

It promises to be another exciting year for digital marketers who are willing to learn new techniques and discover innovative ways to access audiences through technology.

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